domingo, maio 08, 2005

Mãos à obra!


Bom, resolvi criar um blog com algumas coisas sobre os países de cultura celta e também com aulas de gaélico escocês.

Espero que gostem e me ajudem a fazer essa página crescer!

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Liùsaidh-Anna disse...

Hai cris!
Ciamar a tha thu??

To amando o blogger!!

Tapadh Leat!


Will disse...

a Chriostaidh!

Ath mor ort as a' bhlog seo!!!!!!!!!

Cothrom na Feinne dhut!

Tenho feito iss:


Podemos fazer um livro incluindo o portugues (e o galego)!



Will disse...

Portuguese words of Pre-Roman Celtic origin:

>>Cabana (hut)
>>Cama (bed)
>>Camisa (shirt). French "chemise".
>>Carvalho (oak)

Interestingly, the French word for OAK, CHENE, comes from the Celtic word CASSANNOS! But Welsh is DERW. Gaelic DARACH. And Breton DERV/DERO. - pronouinced "deru".

>>Cerveja (beer) Welsh "cwrw", old French "cervoise". Irish "leann" - "ale" and "beoir" - beer.
>>Touca (headress)

Also of Celtic origin in Portuguese, in my opinion:

-nasalasation (same as French)
-answering using verb and copula instead of SIM/NAO.

When we find out that the Celts came to Ireland via Galicia, this isn't surprising.

Muito interessante...

Will disse...

a' deanamh

a' doing
(English regionalism in USA, of Scottish origin)

a fazer

"a'" in Gaelic means "at".

It seems the similarities above are not a coincidence. In other words, the continental Portuguese way of exressing -endo/-indo/-ando (gerund/continuous/progressive) is possibly also Celtic.

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